Its Just Paige
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She is anything and everything she wants to be
— Paige Ellis


Paige Ellis has a unique style and grace — somewhat of an angelic warrior. A young woman with many talents, Paige aims only to be a positive voice and inspiration to many. She sets the example to follow your hearts desires; never be overcome by fear; and to be EVERYTHING you aspire to be!

Paige attended 6 colleges, changed her major four times and still managed to obtain a BA in Public Relations in a 4 year period. Having been so indecisive during her college career, her heart was for sure set on one thing - music.

With a soulful R&B sound, Paige released her first single ‘Better’ in 2017 depicting a much-needed breakup. That song gave her momentum to create a single and her first music video in 2018, ‘Old Love’. This allowed her to perform at various venues around the city. Even being shy, timid, and a bit afraid, Paige manages to overcome her fears and share her talents with the world.

Her EP ‘F.E.A.R.S.’, released March 2019, tells many stories regarding the challenges in life regarding fears within romantic love, self love, and acceptance.

Paige has been actively involved in modeling for a few years but has only scratched the surface. She plans to expand in her modeling career and venture into other aspects of the entertainment industry.

The belief in having no limits definitely lives in Paige. As she embarks on her creative journey, she invites you along the ride. Just remember, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” -Les Brown



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